About Edulink International

We’re an overseas education consultancy providing professional consulting to students in India who are delighted to study abroad.

What We're All About

Edulink International (EDULI) provides a range of services that enables students to make an informed choice for their higher studies abroad. We provide a plethora of services ranging from career counselling, university selection, admission guidance, scholarship guidance, finance assistance, travel assistance, visa assistance, foreign exchange and scholarship.

Who We Are

It is impossible for a man to learn whathe thinks he already knows.

We, at Edulink International, endeavour to guide pupils as they take the most crucial step towards their goals. Since its start, we have been based out of Chennai, the capital city of Tamilnadu in South India, and have placed hundreds of students to several top-notch universities and colleges globally.

Our crop of consultants is equipped with a deep understanding of the academic institutions, eligibility criteria and current developments. Personal and financial matters involving both parents and students are accentuated, and given due consideration before carving out the career path.

We serve as a bridge between the academic institution and the pupils, wherein our range of study abroad services ensures students find the entire process completely hassle free. In general, we complexly assist pupils to cover the gulf between uncertainty and realization through our expertise and tons of experience under our belt.

Learn from the expert

We are a trusted consultant in offering expert advice to aspirants looking to study abroad or pursuing overseas education

Learning to suit your pace

Our study abroad programme is designed to suit your pace and you can choose to learn as quickly or slowly as you like.

Professional value

We stand for professional value in all matters of learning and support at every possible level during the course of our programme.