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Why Study MBBS Abroad?

The study of medicine and health sciences or otherwise referred to as MBBS has grown over the years among the young in India. Today the number of students applying to study MBBS abroad is far greater then what it was a couple of years back. Why so? A limited number of government seats coupled with exorbitant tuition fees levied by private medical colleges have pushed a certain section of Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad

State-of-the-art medical universities clubbed with unmatched amenities and complete with world-class faculty make studying MBBS abroad a major success among Indians. Studying MBBS out of the country not only provides students with international exposure, an opportunity to practice in a foreign land but also a holistic experience that is cherished lifelong.


MBBS abroad eligibility and requirements

While each country would have its own set of rules and eligibility criteria for international students wanting to pursue MBBS abroad, today we are going to talk about the general eligibility guidelines for Indian students wanting to pursue MBBS among the top countries overseas.


Medical Requirements

The candidate would be required to submit a medical certificate at the time of admission stating that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious diseases.


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